Kissing Koi

People everywhere are falling love with Meredith Cope’s koi as demonstrated in this candid shot with Maria Carolina Quintero of Columbia, South America.  Of course, who is kissing who?  It’s hard to tell.

Focal Point Dilemma

This is another painting in progress and it’s interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it will be the middle panel of a three-piece painting. So look for the whole three pieces at a later date in the pond and koi galleries if you want to see the final effect....

Flyer for the New York Show

The show I’ve been looking forward to in September has chosen my painting, “Emerald Sea” for the illustration for their flyer.  I’m thrilled, needless to say.  I guess this one is going to the show!  

New Representation and Shows

Hello friends, A bit of news–I have just recently received representation through a New York company called Creative Concepts.  Their subtitle is “A Unique Gallery of International Artists.”  There are plans for an art show in September in New York....