The Gift of Koi

Hardbound Book


Embark on an underwater journey filled with light and love. Through paintings, poetry, and prose, you will share in the insights and heartfelt beauty of Meredith Cope’s vision—tender reflections on the power of what nature and art bring to our lives. As is typical of life, the artist’s personal story of her quest to understand color revealed so much more. The oil paintings of Hawaiian koi by the artist seem lit from within by that message. Powerfully present, the koi flow in sparkling images across the canvas and across the page, beckoning us to go deeper into our own journey of understanding and potential within. Meredith Cope’s work has been acclaimed as defying classification. It is classical in form while exhibiting a unique departure inclusive of a wide range of work, including dreamlike aspects of surrealism, impressionistic color, and light effects, with the raw immediacy of expressionism.